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A firm cannot blend virtual currencies with actual currencies in financial statements. Any amount stored as bitcoin must be shown as “merchandise” or “commodities” or other related device, as something which is often marketed in the future in exchange for dollars.

Dr. Ruja is absolutely incompetent in her presentation of cryptocurrencies, and I visualize she is fooled by the persons managing this fraud! — or she's in on it, and wanting to make a quick buck.

Affiliates join OneCoin and are then straight compensated to the recruitment of recent affiliates, who should shell out cash on offers to take part in the MLM chance.

The investment decision part will simply just ensure it is much easier to recruit individuals, i.e. recruiters can use the argument “You don’t must recruit any individual or promote anything at all” or arguments about “Look at your cash increase”.

In any event, she is digging herself deeper and deeper day-to-day that passes along with her at the helm of OneCoin.

While in the US at the very least, OneCoin would quickly fall foul of SEC regulation concerning the giving of unregistered securities. This is certainly why the organization purportedly isn't going to run there.

Let's say a 350 Bonuses ton, very easily recoverable pure gold meteorite landed in Nevada. What would that do towards the intrinsic price of each other gold coin and bullion bar in existence?

The Ponzi factors model encourages re-investment and issuing of monopoly money, this prolongs the unavoidable collapse but sooner or later it's going to come about.

This is fairly certainly a Ponzi scheme pegged to points that have no inherent benefit beyond OneCoin. The sole artificial benefit pegged for the points may be the investor resources OneCoin opt to shell out out.

it’s apparent the planet demands a solid internationally approved cryptocurrency, bitcoin might go down in record as ‘the a person which almost obtained there’.

what is the refund coverage of onecoin? try out asking for a refund. Because the ‘proprietors’ are this sort of ‘large individuals’, you refund should not hurt them.

the entire world financial institution has opined that bitcoin isn't a ponzi, so check these guys out has the mecca of banking, switzerland. many leading entire world economists nevertheless, maintain the see that bitcoin is often a ponzi that will collapse to some zero worth.

I buy a dozen soups from a whole seller. If I need to get cash, right here anyone can purchase from me ideal? At a higher price. If that’s a ponzi scheme…

How could the gold meteorite have adjusted the intrinsic worth of a gold coin that had already been minted? It couldn’t. Why? Because price just isn't intrinsic to start with.

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